Vacuum pumps

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The vacuum pump is the main engine of any milking machine. At Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte we supply all
types of vacuum pumps to suit different sizes of machines. From Vacuum pumps that can supply 1000 litres up to ones that can supply 4000 litres per minute. Theses vacuum pumps are vane pumps and are belt driven by electric motors and can produce vacuum to suit the requirements of any given machine size. The pumps are oiled by automatic oilers which extend the life of the pumps due to them receiving proper lubrication. The ranges of the pumps are:

Bullet Point Vac 3: this pump produces up to 1300 litres per minute with a 4HP electric motor which is suitable for an 8 unit machine at 50kpa.

Bullet Point Vac 4: produces up to 1600 litres per minute with a 4hp electric motor, suitable for a 12unit machine.

Bullet Point Vac 5: produces up to 2200 litre per minute with a 5HP electric motor, suitable for up to an 18 unit machine.

Bullet Point Vac 5 on 3 phase power: produces up to 3800 litres and suitable for up to a 28 unit machine.

Air Star

The Boumatic Air star is the most environmentally friendly vacuum pump on the market. This variable speed dry pump can power up to 30 units on its own on three phase power. The fact that its dry means it doesn’t require oil to run it, this is better for the environment but also saves you on oil costs throughout the year while keeping the pump house clean.

All vacuum pumps are protected by safety guards and usually come complete with galvanised balance tanks which are self-draining and have a non-return valve system which stops any liquid entering the main vacuum pump cavity. The body of all vacuum pumps are all moulded cast iron with heavy duty internal rotors which help the efficiency of the pumps due to proper balance.
The quality, Durability and efficiency of the Boumatic vacuum pump range provides farmers with the knowledge that the driving force of their milking machine is of the highest standard.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

Air Star Vacuum Pumps