Swing-Over PArlours

Swing Over Parlours are the most popular type of parlour on the Irish market as they maximise the utiliastion of each unit. They are also cost effective compared to double/parallel parlours as there is only half the amount of milking units. Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte milking parlours are highly efficient and designed for maximum cow and operator comfort.

Advantages At A Glance

  • Maximum use of clusters
  • Swing-Over Arms allow for a clear working pit
  • Cost effective as only half the amount of clusters are needed
  • Excellent throughput
  • Auto-Start - Simply lift the cluster to turn on the unit
  • Individual pulsation per uniit
  • Operator friendly

Excellent Cluster Alignment

The Stainless Steel Swing Arms centrally align the cluster on the udder which causes consistent even milk-out of the cows.

The Flo-Star Max cluster is also specifically designed to sit square on the cows udder: the front two quarters of the cluster are wider and the back two quarters of the cluster are narrower to suit the natural positioning of the cows teats.
The Flo-Star Max is ultra-light and as a result cows are very quiet when being milked as there is no discomfort for them. The light clusters and our 2x2 pulsation results in the cow be milked gently, quickly and completely

Operator Friendly

Our parlours are designed to make milking easy for the operator.

Our Flo-Star Max clusters are ultra-light which stops operator fatigue or shoulder pain.
Our low-line wash is at hip height so that the operator does not need to bend down when putting the clusters into wash and neatly folds away underneath the kerbing for during milking
Every unit has auto-start where all the operator has to do is lift the cluster to turn on the unit meaning there is no need to press any buttons
There are also numerous automation options to lessen the amount of jobs to be done during milking

The Latest Techologyy

Automation on the parlour can greatly improve efficiency and time spent in the parlour
When equipped with SmartDairy, the parlour will take the work out of milking. SmartDairy will automatically identify cows, feed-to-yield, draft the cows you want and provide you with a herd management programme with all the information you need.

Strong Construction

When you purchase a Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte swing-over parlour you can be sure you are buying a parlour that will last a lifetime
All of our stallwork is constructed from galvanised blue band steel and supported by RSJ's for extra strength
All BGM milking products are tested and manufactured to the highest of standards and designed to ensure long life.
One of the main focuses is to ensure that our products are easy to service and have as few moving parts as possible to ensure minimal down time.