Smart Dairy Computer system

SmartDairy-Brochure-1We offer the most up to date dairy equipment, and this is most evident when it comes to the smart Dairy computer control system. This system allows you to take full control of your herd. With many features of automation built in, it will help you to keep up to date on all activities of your cows, such as feed to yield, out of parlour feeding, Heat detection, cow selection and hoof care. With all information been record on the smart Dairy control box, you will have all the essential information at your fingertips to be able to optimise cow yield and comfort. It will lessen the labour intensive duties of the farmer so that he will be able to focus on the most important part of milking, the cow.

It will give the farmer vital information that will help him to build a productive and healthy herd.
With the smart Dairy system you will require the touch point milk meter system. This is the box that will be in the pit with an individual one per unit and will allow you to perform the functions of the smart dairy system. It will then all lead back into the main control system which will be hooked up to a computer in the dairy. This will give you all the information of the milking’s, like when they took place, yield, time and many more functions. The touch point control screen in the pit is water resistant and is lit up by LED lights which will make it visible from distance.

The smart dairy computer system can fit onto any parlour regardless of type, size and brand. The smart dairy system can be broke up into different sections so that you can pick and choose which programs you wish to install on the system, you can also add more programs when you wish. The smart dairy system is the market leader when it comes to monitoring you herd and maximising their potential.

Smart Dairy Computer System

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