Rotary Milking Parlours

At Boumatic Gascoigne melotte we supply the most up to date milking equipment and this is very evident when it comes to our rotary milking parlours. In the case of having bigger herds it is essential that a rotary machine is installed as it will be too costly and time consuming to milk large herds through a standard herringbone machine.

We supply two types of rotary machines from 30 units up as far as 80 units. Built for round the clock milking the Boumatic Rotary is a very durable and long lasting machine.

The standard external Rotary

This type of rotary can be fitted to milk up to 80 cows at one time and is suited to a bigger herd of cows. This type of rotary is where all the equipment and the operator is on the outside of the rotary and the cows will be facing in towards the middle of the rotary. The cluster is then put on from behind the cow and in between the legs. This type of rotary can milk up to 80 cows at one time.

Internal rotary

This is a new innovative way of milking cows on a rotary machine. The operator will be situated in the middle of the rotary and the cows will enter from the outside. The cluster is still put on the cow from behind and through the back legs. Once inside the rotary the operator will be able to view every cow that is on the rotary. This will greatly help with the milking process as he has easy access to all cows at the same time and will be able to see if a cluster fell off or if a cow is uncomfortable. This type of rotary can milk up to 36 cows at one time.

More about Rotary Milking Parlours

All the platforms of our rotaries are concrete so that the cow standing is firm and durable. With the milking equipment such as milk line, vacuum line and pulsation been all below the deck it will stay clean and damage free and also easy to access. Fitted with variable speed hydraulic drive system to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

Cow comfort is essential and with the Boumatic rotaries the entry and exit for cows are hassle free and most comfortable for the cows. For a large herd who want the most effective and efficient way of milking your cows then the Boumatic Rotary is a great option as it will make your job a lot less laborious and time consuming and also provide great comfort for your cow.