Other equipment

At Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte we supply a lot of other equipment that will greatly increase the quality of milk you produce and also help take the work load off the farmer.

Plate Coolers

We supply a range of different types of plate coolers, from a plate cooler that is big enough to supply a 4 unit and then another one that can operate a machine up to 40 units big. Our plate cooler can be either bought in single stage or 2 stage or can be either single pass or double pass plate coolers, these systems make sure your milk is well cooled before going into the bulk tank. With a milk and water entry of 1 and a quarter inch inlets to make sure plenty of water and milk are passing through the plate cooler during the milking. Our smaller plate cooler can be wall mounted but our bigger plate cooler will need to be placed on the floor.

Water Heaters

At Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte we supply all types of water heaters to suit the size of your machine. Our water heaters range from 50 litres to 300 litres in both stainless steel and enamelled steel. These can be either wall mounted or placed on the floor of your dairy. Our water heaters are thermostatically controlled up to 82 degrees ensuring you have the water heated to the right temperature when you want it.

Teat Spray Unit

The teat spray unit we supply is a very simple and easy to use device, it is fully vacuum operated and will switch on and off with the machine. It will be supplied with the required amount of guns to suit your milking machine size. The pressure of the gun can be adjusted to provide the required pressure to suit the preference of the operator. Our teat spray unit is made with highest quality chemical resistant materials ensuring that it will last longer. Easy to install and very low maintenance our teat spray unit is the most reliable teat spray to keep the spread of mastitis and disease at a minimum.

Pera Spray Unit

Pera Spray is a device that allows you to keep down the spread of mastitis in your milking parlour by spraying the cluster between each cow. The Pera spray once manually sprayed by the operator will deliver a fresh solution up through the cluster to kill any disease left after the previous milking. The chemical used in the pera spray is environmentally friendly low concentrate chemical. It is a quicker and more effective way of sanitising your cluster than the standard cluster dipping. It is also very Easy to fit to the requirements of the milking parlour and as many guns can be fit to suit the size of the parlour. Pera spray is a low cost, easy to operate system of cluster spraying to help keep down the spread of mastitis from one cow to another during milking.

Milk Samplers

The milk sampler we supply is a very simple but effective way of getting a sample of milk from your cows without any fuss for the cow or operator. Simple to install, all the technician needs to do is to cut the milk tube and place the samplers on the line. Once installed you will be able to fit the bottle onto the cap and this will then take the sample of milk throughout the milking so that you get an accurate reading of the whole milking. Easy to clean and maintenance free the milking sampling system is the best low cost way of recording your herd.

Mobile Milking Unit

This mobile milking unit is a completely independent unit that allows you to milk an individual cow. It comes with its own half HP vacuum pump, vacuum operated pulsation, stainless steel bucket and cluster. It can be bought to milk one cow or two. It is a great unit for the framer that wants to milk a cow away from the rest of the herd so that there won’t be at any risk of spreading any disease. The unit comes on a trolley so it is easy to wheel it to wherever you want it to go.

Milk Buckets

We supply single milk buckets that can be used to carry milk from place to place whether it be from the pit of the milking parlour or from the bulk tank to feed calves. We supply a 30 litre bucket and can be got in either stainless steel or plastic and can also be got with or without a lid.