Milking Machine stalling and Gates

Our stalling is of very strong construction. With 2 and a half inch hot dipped galvanised piping, it will withstand a lot of punishment and remain very sturdy and steady. We believe it is the strongest stallwork on the market which means it gives the best support for your machine to last longer


Bullet Point We supply our stallwork with a crossover bar per unit, this means that a bar will cross at every unit unlike some other manufactures, so that every unit has the same support.

Bullet Point Our stallwork is then also reinforced by RSJ’s that are supported from the roof, thses RSJ’s are strong steel girders connected to the stalls by tee bars. The RSJ’s take the weight of the stallwork and also give it strength to restrict movement.

Bullet Point When installing our stallwork we sink the front and back posts in the concrete of the floor of the parlour so that it gives a very strong base to the stallwork.

Bullet Point Our stallwork can be built to facilitate both 2ft 6inch standing and 2ft 3 inch standing. 

Bullet Point We also supply a zig zag or staggered rump rail with our stalling, this a zig zag on the top bar of our stalling. This is to give a the cow the individual space to fit in its rear.


Bullet Point One option we give when putting up the stallwork is to supply Galvanised Pit Kerbing. This is to allow for an overhang from where the cows are standing into the pit. The overhand is generally 5 inches and will also allow a lip to come up onto the floor where the cows are standing so that the cow’s hooves won’t slip into the pit and also to keep dirt and excrements out of the pit to help a tidy pit.

Bullet Point When the Kerbing is laid down there is a layer of concrete poured over it so that it will fit in properly to the side of the pit and it also helps it stay intact and strong. We also supply a sheet of steel mesh to go under where the cows stand. The kerbing is then welded to the corner posts and the mesh so that it is well bonded, preventing the element of stray electricity for ultimate cow comfort.

Bullet Point The overhang of the Kerbing will then allow you to fit in equipment such as the low line wash system neatly and out of the way of the operator in the pit.

Bullet Point We supply our Pit kerbing in galvanised steel, which is very strong and long lasting.


For our gates we supply manual, compressed air gates, selection gates and gates that come with sequential bailing option.

Bullet Point We supply two types of compressed air gates: the guillotine gate to the front and then the push across gate to the back. The guillotine gate will move vertically up and down as required. The push across gate will push across the last cow at the back to ensure that she is situated correctly in the standing area for milking. Both these gates are operated by compressed air and will have control boxes down in the pit at different intervals of the machine and only require one press of the button to activate.

Bullet Point Our manual gates are very simple to use. Worked on a push pull action from the pit, the manual gates are reliable and easy to use. We also supply weighed bars which are worked on the simple mechanics of a weight on the end of a bar that allows the bar to be pushed and pulled from the pit, this bar will fit into a latch on the stallwork to keep the cow in place.

Mangers/Troughs for 2ft 6in Parlours

For the 2ft 6 inch parlour we supply a galvanised manger system with stainless steel feed troughs, this facilitates the cow’s standing at a 50 degree angle and milking through the back legs.

This system provides cow comfort as there is a manger per cow, this will limit the amount of pushing in the parlour and also limit the robbing of feed by the other cows.

It is also very effective for cow exiting as all they have to do is lift her head and walk out in a single file.

These mangers can also be made with anti-poach bars on the trough to further decrease the chances of cows robbing meal from the trough beside her.

Stainless Steel Straight Trough

For the 2ft 3 inch standing parlours we supply stainless steel straight troughs, this is where the cow will be standing straight and milked through the back legs. Cows are tight in together which restricts movement and the trough comes with an adjustable breast rail and anti-jump rail.

As cows can be different sizes throughout different stages if the year, the breast rail can be adjusted in or out so that you are guarnteed your cows are tight and closer to you for putting on the cluster.

Dividers can be provided to prevent robbing of meal.

Sequential Bailing

Bullet Point This type of stallwork creates better control for cows. This is suitable for cow standing of 2ft 2 or 2ft 3 inch centres. With each cow having their own individual space it eliminates a variety of problems such as cows pushing, robbing of meal, cows been too tight and helps the operator have better control over cow’s movements making it a safer environment for the farmer. The bailing is very effective as it will only allow the first cow into her place which will in turn free up the next space and so on so that all the cows fit in. When the cows have been milked the sequential bailing unit will lift up worked by compressed air and will leave it clear for the cows to exit. There is a built in safety device in the ram when the bailing is in the lifted position.

Tombstone Head-Holder

Bullet Point Tombstone Head-holding is a very efficient and cost-effective type of bailing system that keeps cows in the correct position during milking. Each cow has her own position and once all the row is full the cows cannot go anywhere until the operator puts the holder into the exit position from the pit. 

Bullet Point When a row of cows are finished milking the tombstone head-holder simply folds back through compressed air. This means the cow does not need to reverse back in order to exit the holder like they do in other systems.

Bullet PointAnother advantage of this system is the fact that it can be put back into the starting position while the cows are still exiting. This results in excellent cow flow that will decrese time spent in the parlour