Milking Cluster Flush

Cluster flush is a system that involves a flushing system that washes out the cluster after every cow, keeping the cluster fully sanitised before going onto the next cow. This will keep down the threat of cross contamination of mastitis between your cows. The system is fitted in line and is operated by using electronic which are wired into the existing machine, meaning it can be fitted onto any type, size or brand of milking machine. It is usually fitted with a dosatron pump which will mix the parasitic acid and water which kills any bacteria in the cluster.

The cluster flush system can work with automation on your machine such as automatic cluster removers and milk meters or on their own on a standard machine. On swing over machine each cluster will flush independently, but on a double up machine a switch will need to be placed on the exit gate which allows the flush system to flush all the clusters together.

The cluster flush generally will start with a milk sweep this is to clear the line and cluster of milk, then it proceeds by taking up a supply of water and flushing it out through the cluster, then a flush of water and acid and finally with a flush of water followed by air to clean out the line of remaining splashes of water. This process generally takes around 30 seconds from the time the cluster comes off the cow. The cluster flush can be set at different rates as to what quantity of water, acid and air can be flushed through it. Clean water as well as a good supply of water is essential for the cluster flush system to operate effectively.