Milk Rite Liners

The milk rite liner range is a range of replica liners of all the major brands of liners at a reasonable low cost price. At Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte we are the sole distributers of the Milk Rite Liner into the Irish market.

As the only part of the machine to constantly touch a cow’s teat the liners is of upmost importance. The milk rite liners are developed so that the interaction between the liner and the cow’s teat help optimum animal health and milk quality. Made from the highest calibre materials all the milk rite liners are food grade approved.


As well as producing the replica liners there is also a milk rite own range brand. This is a very innovative liner as the liner walls are triangular in shape. This means that instead of the walls of the liners closing in and out in a pinch motion from two sides, the triangular liner closes from three sides in a balancing way which reduce the impact of the pinch on the cow’s teat ends. For further information on milk rite liners you can visit their website on