Stainess Steel Swing Arms

We supply two types of stainless steel pit swing arms, one for narrow pits and one for wide pits. These swing arms help to keep the pit tidy by restricting movement in the rubber tubing and also to line up the cluster directly behind each cow. Swing arms are an important instrument in how the Automatic Cluster Removers are so effective.

Curved Swing Arms

New type curved swing arm. This swing arm is used mainly on 2ft 6inch standing machine, which means it is the longer of the two types of swing arms we supply but can also be used on 2ft 3inch standing parlours. With this swing arm the rubber air tubing runs through it so that it leaves a clear pit and the milk tubing is attached to the side so this helps holds the tubing together. It is hung from the middle of the pit so that it will swing easily to both sides of the pit to line up directly behind each individual cow. For an Automatic Cluster Remover machine, we mount the ram for the Removers on the swing arm which helps the ram to fit into place without taking up too space and also helps the ram to work effectively from the position it will take when taking the cluster off the cow. With our indicator we can also fit it on to the end of the swing arm so that it is very visible for the operator in the pit.

Box Shaped Swing Arms

Our other type of swing arm is the box shape swing arm. This type of swing arm is most common on a 2ft 2inch standing machine or on a narrow pit as it is smaller and more compact. This swing arm is also hung from the middle of the pit and swings from one side to the other. The milk tubing and air tubing are attached to the swing arms to allow them to follow the swing arm without been in the way. When used with automatic Cluster Removers, the remover is vertically placed above the swing arm and out of the pit. The cluster is pulled off the cow by the string of the remover which is running through two nylon rollers on either end of the swing arm.