Photo's of full working machines.

Recent New build milking machines from around the country.

This 20pt machine is fully equipped with the smart dairy computer system which means it can do feed to yield, cow selection and heat detection. All information of the Cow's Milking's is then saved to the computer so that the farmer can look back over the yields, the health and the general well being of the herd.

These are the types of other equipment we supply to allow you to get the best performance from your cow's.

At Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte we supply two types of rotaries, the external option and the internal option. These Rotaries can be installed from a 32 unit up to an 80 unit.

The smart dairy computer system can fit onto any parlour regardless of type, size and brand. The smart dairy system can be broke up into different sections so that you can pick and choose which programs you wish to install on the system, you can also add more programs when you wish. The smart dairy system is the market leader when it comes to monitoring you herd and maximising their potential.