Feeding and Troughs

In order to maximise your potential yield on a dairy farm, it is most important to give the cow the best feed possible. Off a grass based system that is most common in Ireland it is even more essential that an in parlour feeding system is prevalent for two reasons. One it will encourage the cows to come to get milked, and two it will help them produce higher milk yield. At Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte we supply two types of feeding systems complete with augers and we also supply feed troughs suited for either 2ft 3 inch or 2ft 6 inch parlours.


For the 2ft 6 inch parlour we supply a galvanised manger system with stainless steel feed troughs, this facilitates the cow’s standing at a 50 degree angle and milking through the back legs. This system provides cow comfort as there is a manger per cow, this will limit the amount of pushing in the parlour and also limit the robbing of feed by the other cows. It is also very effective for cow exiting as all they have to do is lift her head and walk out in a single file.
For the 2ft 3 inch standing parlours we supply stainless steel straight troughs, this is where the cow will be standing straight and been milked through the back legs. Cows are tight in together which restricts movement and feed from the trough in front of them that we can provide with dividers to prevent robbing of meal.


Cashman feeders:
This type of feeding system is very effective when it comes to feeding cows in the parlour. It provides you with a range of choices that allow you to get the best from your cow. A batch button on the feeders which will be located in the pit will feed all the cows the same amount of feed depending upon what you set it at. You then have the capability of topping up individual cows as there will be a button behind each cow to do this. Cow’s that are restless can be managed by giving them extra feed and also high yielding cows can be feed a bit extra to help them optimise yield. Cashman feeders are all stainless steel and can be worked on either Compressed air or electronically. If you were to choose the electronic Cashman feeders you will have a central control unit to work all the feeders and this can then be linked into a computer to assist a feed to yield programme. With the Cashman feeders you usually feed two cows with the one feeder but they can also be supplied as a single feeder.

Batch Feeders:
These type of feeders are a very simple but effective way to feed in the parlour. Worked on a pull rope mechanism you can feed all sort of feed through them including nuts and rolled barley mixes. There will be one feeder per cow and depending on the amount of units of the machine you will be able put as many numbers of feeders on the one string up as far as five. The batch feeders will feed the same amount to every cow but the feeders can be set to drop different amounts. In order for the feeders to fill properly the first one must be full before the second one can fill and so on until the last one. The batch feeding system is a great way of feeding cows in the parlour from the pit at minimum effort at low cost.

Batch in straight trough

Cashman in Manager

Feeding and Troughs