Electronic Pulsation

The pulsation of any machine is the heartbeat that runs it, it is one of the most important parts of the machine. The Lectron pulsation system and the Hi Flow pulsation systems are both very reliable systems and can be used on all types of parlours for cows, sheep and goats.

Both are electronically controlled and are supplied with a fresh air breather line. The average milk yield of the modern day cow has increased substantially, these increased milk yields create higher udder stress that can then lead to a higher risk of health problems. Therefore, it is essential that the pulsation system provides an optimum performance at all time.

Lectron Pulsation

Two types of pulsation controllers are available for the Lectron pulsation system. The Lectron 312 or the Lectron 612 Controllers. The type of controller you use will depend on the parlour you are looking for. The speed and ratio can be controlled by either controller and will work for 2×2 pulsation and 4×0 pulsation. Both Controller work in an alternate flow, meaning that not all pulsators are pulling on the vacuum at the same time, therefore this minimises excessive vacuum use and also reduces milking fluctuations. The 612 controller also has the added function of been able to have variable ratios between the front and rear teats. The 312 controller can control up to 12 units and the 612 can control up to 24 units.

Hi-Flo Pulsation

The Boumatic Hi flow Pulsators are the most effective and easy to maintain pulsators on the market. With very few moving parts it is very easy to put together and take apart by hand and without the use of any tools which reduces maintenance costs greatly. The HiFlow pulsator is ran on 24volt energy. It is only available in 2×2 pulsation meaning there is a pulsator per unit ensuring the most comfortable and complete milk out for your cows.