Dumplines and diversions

In order to keep your milk of the highest quality it is important to keep on top of things and try and separate the low quality milk from going into your bulk tank and contaminating it. This is where a dumpline comes into focus.

At Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte we supply 2 different types of dumpline. Each type will separate your dumped milk from the main line and redirect it to wherever you want it to go. Our dumplines can be fit onto any type, brand or size of an existing machine.

Electronic Dumpline Box

Dumpline Switches

This dumpline is where there is two switches on each unit on the milk line. One switch will close the milkline and the other will then open the dumpline. Therefore the milk that’s milked from the cow at that unit is redirected to the dumpline away from the main milk line and into its own receiving vessel and pumped away by its own 1HP milk pump. This system is beneficial as all you need to do is press two switch and your dumped milk is piped out to wherever you have it set up to go. The dumpline is then washed with the machine to keep it sanitised.

Dumpline stations

This system is completely separate to the machine with its own 1HP milk pump, receiving vessel and line away from the main machine. With this system we will supply extra clusters at the back of the machine with a pulsater and handle on them. Then down along the pit we will install a station every two units. To activate the pulsation and vacuum all the operator needs to do is push the handle with the cluster and pulsater on it into the station.

The vacuum and pulsation are then turned on so you can proceed to milk your dumped cow with the milk going into the separate line and been pumped away wherever you decide. This means that due to the system been completely separate to the machine there will be no cross contamination between the cows’s as the same cluster is been the whole time and doesn’t go near the clean cows. The clusters at the back will then wash with the machine and will have their own wash jetters. This is a very safe method of dumping your cows and keeping the threat of cross contamination at bay.