Double-Up Parlours

Double-Up parlours are a very effective system as is maximises space in the parlour. Ideal for when a farmer wants to increse the number of units in the parlour but may not have the option of extending the existing parlour.
There is a cluster for every cow meaning the time spent by cows waiting to be milked is reduced.

Advantages At A Glance

  • A cluster for every cow
  • Centre of the parlour's pit is completely clear
  • Milking equipment can be covered by stainless steel cabinets
  • Parlour is shorter which means less walking
  • Easier for operator to see all units
  • Less building work required
  • Less feeders to purchase
  • Efficient use of labour
  • Maximum utilisation of space

Smart Technolgy

Doubling-up a parlour can mean there are lot of milking units that would normally require multiple vacuum pumps
Running multiple vacuum pumps can be inefficient and cost a lot to run. However, these multiple vacuum pumps are not required on Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte double ups. Instead we can use one vacuum pump to run the whole parlour - The Air Star.
The Air Star is a lobe (Vaneless) vacuum pump and does not require oil, is very quiet and coupled with a Variable Speed Drive is extremely efficient.
The Air Star also does not emit any emissions

Operator Friendly

Our parlours are designed to make milking easy for the operator.

Our Flo-Star Max clusters are ultra-light which stops operator fatigue or shoulder pain.
Our low-line wash is at hip height so that the operator does not need to bend down when putting the clusters into wash and neatly folds away underneath the kerbing for during milking
Every unit has auto-start where all the operator has to do is lift the cluster to turn on the unit meaning there is no need to press any buttons
There are also numerous automation options that allows technology do the work for you.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte Double-Up parlours can be installed with stainless steel cabinets. These cabinets can be one continuous cabinet or a cabinet per unit.
Stainless Steel cabinets are easy to clean and great for keeping the parlour looking like new years after it was installed. The cabinets also help to keep the milking equipment from getting dirty or damaged over the parlours lifetime.

The Latest Techologyy

Automation on the parlour can greatly improve efficiency and time spent in the parlour
When equipped with SmartDairy, the parlour will take the work out of milking. SmartDairy will automatically identify cows, feed-to-yield, draft the cows you want and provide you with a herd management programme with all the information you need.