Dairy Wash systems

In every milking machine it is vitally important that they are washed out thoroughly after every milking as keeping the machine sanitized will help with the quality of the milk going through it to stay at a high standard. The farmer has an obligation to keep the machine clean but at we supply wash system that assist him greatly in keeping a high standard of cleanliness.

Low line wash

Our low line wash is very effective in giving the machine a good thorough washing out and preparing it for the next milking. Our low line wash is located on the side of the pit and ideally it will be hide away under a kerb at the side of the pit to keep clean and out of the way when you are milking but it can also be fit onto an existing pit.

We have a jetter unit per cluster and the cluster will sit into place on these jetters and kept in place by a parking bracket. We supply a system that can foldaway when milking the cows and fold up then when putting the clusters into wash position. Once the cluster is in place and fitted correctly, the wash can begin. The water and chemical comes up through the jetter into the cluster and washes it out it then goes up to the milk line where it fills up in the line and then washes it out. This process leaves the machine very clean and then ready for the next milking to begin in a sanitised machine.

Automatic Washer

The Automatic washer we supply is called the Guardian Supreme washer. This is a totally automated system to wash the milking machine after the milking is complete. The system is wired directly into the vacuum pumps starter and can be programmed to start the machine with a pre-rinse before milking.

The other programmes it provides are to wash, hot wash or de-scale the machine. All these can be activated if you choose to. The Guardian Supreme has three electronic dosing pumps and will dose the agreed chemical amount for every wash. As a safety the system is wired with a micro switch which will only allow the washer to start washing if the swing arm for the bulk tank is at the wash trough and in position to wash and vice versa when you need to milk.