The clawpiece of a milking machine is an integral part of how the machine performs. The clawpiece is the only part of the machine that repeatedly touches the cow. Therefore it needs to be of the highest quality material to provide a stress free procedure for the cows and also the operator.

At Boumatic Gascoigne melotte we supply Clawpieces that suit all types of milking machines. Our two main types of clawpiece are the Isolac 400 and the Flowstar max clawpiecs.

Isolac 400

This is a large capiticy clawpiece with a very robust design. Made from high quality stainless steel with a transparent body which gives excellent milk flow visibility. The steel is easy to keep clean and the raised calibrated air bleed is also easy to locate and clean. The shells are all made from steel and ensure excellent milking out and good udder health. This clawpiece has a capiticty of 400ml, the reason the capacity is so high is to suit high yielding cows and also to maintain vacuum levels and reduce the impact on teat ends. The Isolac 400 achieves the perfect balance of weight and performance to benefit udder health which is the basics of profitable milk production.

Flo-star Max

This is the most durable clawpiece on the market. Made from a dairy approved engineered resin the clawpiece is guaranteed for 5 years and can withstand over 7000 pounds of force, that makes it stronger than steel and less vulnerable if cows hoof stands on them. It has an intenal capacity of over 340ml which makes it one of the larger clawpieces on the market.

Why the Flo-Star Max is the Ultimate Milking Cluster

  • Ultralight - The Flo-Star Max claw is the lightest claw on the market weighing only 350g
  • Ultra-strong - The Flo-Star Max can withstand 3 ton of direct pressure without breaking which makes it stronger that stainless steel claws
  • 5 Year Clawpiece Guarantee
  • Crossed Inlets - The X crossed inlets allows the milk to flow down the walls of the cluster to increase milkflow and so that there is no splashing of milk within the claw
  • Large Capacity - The Flo-Star Max has an internal capacity of 340ml
  • Narrow Profile - As the pulsation air tubes are located on the inside of the liners rather than on the outside like all other clusters, cluster kick-offs are greatly reduced as the cow finds it very diffcult to catch the cluster
  • Designed to Sit Square - The front two quarters of the cluster are wider than the back two quarters which suits the natural position of cow's teats
  • Tapered Liners - Magnum Flex liners are tapered and for this reason, provide excellent fit to any kind of teat
  • Proven to milk out faster