Automated Milking Systems

We offer a range of different automatic milking systems that you can add to your machine so that you can optimise and improve your dairy herd on a daily basis. The types of automation that we supply will help you decrease workload but also to maximise the potential of your herd.

Isolator Xp Automatic Cluster Remover:

The automatic cluster remover (Acrs) is a tool that almost every farmer requires. It has many advantages for the modern day dairy farmer. It eases the operator’s workload and also takes the pressure of having to control the end of the milking process. With the Cluster Remover the cluster is being taking off the cow at the same time for every milking.

Gmi Milk Yield Indicator

Our milk yield indicator is the simplest and most effective way off keeping up to date of the yields of your herd. It will give you a digital display of the cow’s yield in KG, which is nearly identical to litres. This non Icar approved indicator is a great herd management tool as you will be able to tell when a cow is either up or down on her milk yield.


The AMi milk yield indicator is a more advanced non Icar approved milk indicator, with the ability to be linked up to a computer it will allow you to access all the information you need to monitor your herd correctly. The control box of the AMi also has a lot of added features including the milk yield, milk temperature and the milk conductivity as well as giving a graph of the milking in progress.

Milk Meter

The Boumatic Gascoigne Melotte milk meter is of the highest innovation and quality. The touchpoint milk meter system is one of the most advanced systems on the market and can perform a number of different tasks which make the milking process less labour intensive and stress free than ever before.

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